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If youre a severely obese individual who really needs to lose weight fast then the regular dieting may not be fast enough for you. Your health is deteriorating because of too much weight and youll need an extra help in order to lose the weight fast. HCG diet might just be the solution you need. With this diet you can lose up to 2 lbs a day.

What happens is you get the HCG injection. Its a pregnancy hormone that tricks your brain to think that you are pregnant and that it has to protect the fetus in the womb. Even if you take in fewer calories than what your body requires, it would still be sufficient because your body takes the energy from the stored fats. By controlling your food intake to only 500 calories a day, you can lose 2 lbs a day. Its not unhealthy to only consume 500 calories because your body would still get enough energy from the stored fats. Thats what makes HCG weight loss diet a popular diet today.

With the HCG diet your body wont feel hungry because its energy requirements are met by burning the extra fats in the body which is why you get to lose weight. The hormone HCG speeds up the burning of extra fats when you dont get enough energy from the foods you eat because your body goes into a different mode where it has to protect the unborn child in your womb.

Knowing that you are actually not hungry you will then notice the difference of it with cravings. You would still have cravings when you go with the HCG weight loss diet but at least now you know that when you want to eat that sweet dessert, its actually the cravings thats telling you to and not because you are hungry. In order to lose weight you need to control your cravings. Drink water instead. Youll lose up to 2 pounds a day with this diet. Just make sure you follow the 500 calorie a day diet and if you can do some exercises then youd be speeding up your weight loss even more.

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