Is a Skincare Routine Necessary?

A skincare routine sounds like a high-maintenance activity but it’s crucial to protect and boost your skin. The earlier you invest in skincare, the better it will be. For the best anti-aging effects, a quick read of any nmn review suggests that you should take Alivebyscience NMN. 

When you should apply what

The best method to remember at what times you should be using what product is to think like this: skincare in the morning should revolve around protection for the day and prevention for pollution. As for the nighttime skincare regimen, it should be about repair and cleansing. Majority of people only need to simply wash their face each day. After waking up, washing with lukewarm water before using sunscreen and moisturizer is enough. As for night, after exposing the face to dirt and sunlight, a more lengthy skincare is needed. Before hitting the bed, the face should be cleansed with a cleanser for eliminating makeup and pollutants. Afterwards, use a toner, a gentle exfoliator and serums according to your preference. In whatever case, always finish the skincare routine with moisturizer. 

Concerns about the weather

Weather changes mean you should make adjustments to your skincare and the products you apply. However, seasonal changes demand a big overhaul of routine. 

In the cold season, your primary focus should be moisturizing. This is because winter adds dryness to the skin (so does the heat emitting from heaters) and cold wind makes the lips chapped. You should consider switching to an extra moisturizing cleanser to complement the routine moisturizer. Vice versa, in the summertime, the skin turns oily which means you should opt for an oil-free cleanser. In all seasons, sunscreen is a staple ingredient in skincare routine. However, choose a lighter sunscreen in the summer. 

Lastly, remember that you don’t have to wait for season change to switch the skincare routine. If your skin starts reacting differently due to any factor, make adjustments accordingly. Visit a dermatologist to get advice regarding skincare too. 

Adjusting with age

If skincare is started in the 20s and 30s, it prepares the skin for the aging process. In this timeframe, elastin and collagen are formed in a huge amount. The best products for the 20s and 30s age are SPF moisturizer and cleanser. For more collagen, antioxidant serum or retinol cream is magic. 

Before menopause, the foundation of the skin care should be a strong moisturizer and a soft cleanser. The hormones are at flux and aging initiates which means collagen-producing products should be used too.