Reverse Aging By Vitamin B3 Supplements

Vitamin B3 which is also known as Niacin, is a crucial nutrient needed for the proper functionality of all body organs and parts. This vitamin is available in the form of supplements as well. The supplementation of vitamin B3 cures arthritis, reduces cholesterol and improves cognitive abilities. Many more health benefits are offered by taking these supplements. However, the main reason people take them is to reverse aging because Niacin is a main component of NAD. This article covers the major details by which Vitamin B3 succeeds to eliminate aging symptoms.

1-  Helps in Preventing heart diseases

Niacin actively lowers down the inflammation and oxidative stress. Our arteries get hard and inflexible with age which is one of the main reasons for the high possibility of heart diseases. By having the niacin therapy, this possibility is lowered down. The danger of stroke and heart attack is reduced. Some people take niacin with statins to improve the health of the heart.

2-  Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the age-related physiological diseases in which the body starts to attack itself. The cells in pancreas which produce insulin are destroyed as well. Research has shown that by taking Niacin, the insulin producing cells are promoted and restored. Moreover, the type 1 diabetes is prevented. As for the type 2 diabetes, niacin lowers the high levels of cholesterol.

3-  Reduces triglycerides

Triglycerides are fats which are accumulated in the body with age. This leads to weight gain and even obesity which is common in adults. However, vitamin B3 actively prevents this by blocking the pathway of enzyme which is responsible for the production of triglycerides. Ultimately, this reduces the synthesis of lipoprotein and LDL cholesterol. Therapeutic dosage of Niacin should be taken to diminish both triglycerides and cholesterol.

4-  Speeding up the brain function

Brain is a very hungry organ especially for Niacin. This is because Niacin is involved with the both coenzymes of NAD and NADP. Through this mechanism, our brain gets the required functioning and energy. In truth, the reason why the

cognitive abilities are impaired with age is due to the deficiency of Niacin. When the levels of Niacin get lowered, it results in the dangerous psychiatric symptoms and brain fog. This shows the importance of Niacin for the body and brain. By taking the prescribed dosage of Niacin, a few kinds of schizophrenia can be cured. This is achieved by the treatment of the damaged brain cells which are impaired due to deficiency. Scientific studies have also revealed that Niacin can even cure Alzheimer’s disease by some measure. Therefore, in order to get a healthy brain and active cognitive abilities in old age, the intake of vitamin B3 is required.

5-  Restoration of the skin function

In order to get skin benefits, Niacin can be taken in either oral administration or the application on skin. It shields the cells of skin from the ultraviolet radiation and also prevents the risk of skin cancer.