NAD+ Supplements and How to Boost Your NAD+ Levels

There is a lot of attempting of being or looking young at all times. You do not have to keep worrying about the dropping levels of NAD+ as you get older. We already know that some scientists made a discovery that could help us stay youthful.

The NDA+ is a compound found in every single cell in our bodies. It is derived from Nicotinamide Ribose. The decline of NDA+ in the body has brought a lot of thinking into ways of boosting the chemical compound in the body using supplements.

Sources of NAD+

Dairy Milk

Cow’s milk is a natural source of Nicotinamide Ribose (NR). The NR is the precursor of NAD+, therefore having a glass of milk is helpful in getting a dose of youthfulness every day. Every liter of milk has enough NAD+ levels that if you include milk in your diet, it will boost the levels of the compound in your body keeping you younger every day.


Fish is a favorite staple in almost in all corners of the world. Variety of fish may contain different levels of NAD+. Some examples include tuna, salmon, and sardine. Some scientific facts indicate that tuna may have about 20.5mg of NAD+ while salmon contains 10.1mg per cup.


As one of the most popular beverages, many people take it to celebrate or to pass leisure time. Beer contains yeast, which is a known source of NAD+. Therefore, responsible drinking earns the right amount of the compound in your body. Yeast also contains Nicotinamide Ribose, therefore by consuming pastries can contribute to growing younger.

The Crimini Mushrooms

Mushrooms are popular around the globe; you can cook them in soup or prepare them as a stew. In every cup of Crimini Mushroom, you have at least 3.3mg of NAD+


Chicken is one of the tastiest meal you will find on a table whether grilled, roasted, or stewed. The meat is a good source of NAD+, which contains about 9.1mg. If you ever pass an opportunity to savor the chicken, then you are rushing towards old age.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables will never miss on a good diet menu, and when it comes to NAD+, they have a lot of this chemical compound. Peas and asparagus are some vegetables with a substantial amount of NAD, which have at least 3.2mg and 2mg respectively.

NAD+ Supplements

When you do not have an opportunity to get enough NAD+ from a regular diet, supplements bought in capsules or powder form will help you maintain the expected levels. The use of oxaloacetate will help in balancing the ration between NAD+ and NADH; this creates more energy for cell metabolism.

Powdered supplements also contain NAD+, which increases their availability to your cells. You can try the PURE NAD+ Powder that raises the compound levels in the hypothalamus.
The human race is always on the path of discovery; we are yet to find a single pill, or supplement that will promise youthfulness. NAD+ gives an edge in the anti-aging game. The idea is to have a well-balanced diet, include some physical activities as you strive to be mentally active.